Since the beginning of time, animal bones have been a material used for various decorations as well as everyday objects. In ancient times, made-up bones were made of cufflinks, brooches, decorative figurines, as well as knives, thimbles, awls and boxes for storing trifles. These objects were created in a natural way, and the source that established them was the practical approach of people ordering them to make the most comprehensive and effective use of all the raw materials they had in the face of the conditions and style of contemporary life inseparable from nature. Nowadays, when constantly developing technology has given us various types of plastics as well as techniques for processing materials that do not come from animals, such practices have become a kind of passion or hobby, which - as is not difficult to guess - also fascinate me. 


Old Skull Factory is a company that follows the rules and legal regulations, as well as ethics, which in my everyday work, is very important to me and often a signpost for my actions, deals professionally with the preparation of always legally obtained, animal bones, which buyers can become anyone for whom they possess an undisputed collector, scientific and educational value, or simply decorative. Significant - what I would like to emphasize - is that I do not tolerate and do not support poaching, or any methods whose only purpose in killing animals is to obtain broadly understood osteological material. Suppliers and their sources, whose services I have been using for years, act in a legal way and in accordance with applicable law, and the material provided to me comes from animals that died naturally or as a result of an accident, predator attack, and are a by-product activities of the food and hunting industry. By choosing to work with my company, you can be sure that you use limited natural resources in a legal and, above all, ethical manner.  The story of Old Skull Factory began when, at the age of 12, with the consent of my father, who is a hunter, I prepared the first fox skull. This unusual and unusual process fascinated me and consumed me completely. I polished the craft under his watchful eye. Over the years, my collection grew, filling the space of my room significantly. In the end, it became so big that my mother - having noticed this fact - asked me very suggestively that I should empty - to a significant degree - the space of peace with bones lying almost everywhere. After thinking and analyzing possible solutions that would satisfy both me and my mother, I made the decision and issued an ad in which I was sorry to inform about the possibility of purchasing some of the exhibits in my collection. To my surprise, but also a great joy, scrupulously prepared skulls, at a very fast pace, they started to leave me, wandering to happy and very satisfied buyers.


That's when - for the first time - I thought that my passion for bone preparation, developed over the years, could become a way to get the money needed to satisfy my youthful needs and invest in the further development of the child's fascinating craft. This is how an unusual hobby turned into a thriving business, changing the home fascination of the young boy into a company dealing in retail and mail order sales of skulls. Long-term presence on the market and excellent knowledge of competition, caused that the company I am establishing is currently the undisputed leader in the preparation of bones on the Polish and European market.


Being aware of the fact that companies dealing with the legal preparation and sale of bones treat this activity as something additional, because the main area of their activity is the preparation of animals, i.e. the so-called dermoplasty, I decided to go against the current and concentrate on what I can do the best, i.e. only deal with bone preparation. The decision made resulted in gaining trust and respect among existing buyers who appreciated the fact of professionalism and individual approach to their high requirements. My seemingly narrow specialization is in fact a huge asset, but above all a guarantee that the orders placed by customers will be carried out in a perfect manner, and that they will always reach their pre-arranged time. I invite you to familiarize with the offer available in the catalog of my company.



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